Would You Drug Your Child?

Today.com and Parenting.com joined together to uncover Moms’ deepest, darkest secrets. The results are in! Some of the “secrets” aren’t really all that surprising, such as how often we use our children to get out of social obligations. Others are a bit mystifying, and I hope they publish the questions, so we can see what they were really asking.

When the Prosecution argued that Casey Anthony was drugging Caylee with Xanax in order to go party (hence the fictional nanny, “Zanny”) I was shocked. Who does that shit? Well, to a lesser extent, apparently one in 12 Moms.

Not to party, necessarily. To sleep. Or maybe to read. Have some time to herself. The good folks at Today.com haven’t yet explained that data–so maybe the drug of choice is just Tylenol or Benadryl?

But does it matter? You are drugging your kid, for chrissake.

It’s hard to get the whole picture from this bit of data. I know what it’s like to be so tired you physically can’t take care of your baby. And that’s the exact moment I handed Miss L over to Mr. A. So who are these child-drugging moms and where are the dads?

And since clearly these moms have reached their absolute breaking point, what can we do to help? Because when this sort of thing is happening, it ceases to be the problem of the individual and becomes the problem of society. Sure, maybe giving your five-year-old a dose of Benadryl when he doesn’t have allergies isn’t a big deal the first time. There aren’t a whole lot of side effects, other than drowsiness (which would be the whole point, in such a case). But where would it end? 

Besides the slippery slope argument, what really concerns me is that this is really just another symptom of stressed out moms cracking under the unbearable weight of parenting alone. We were made to live in tribes, so it’s time we parents started acting like a tribe.

It starts with each one of us. Check in with your mom friends and see how they are doing. Check in with your church and see if anyone needs help. Pay attention.

And if you’re the one who is drugging your kid, for heaven’s sake step away from the Benadryl and ask for help. Talk to your doctor. Consider seeing a psychiatrist. No one should have to go through this alone.

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7 Responses to Would You Drug Your Child?

  1. janelwhite says:

    Casey Anthony was acquitted on all charges but lying and the prosecution failed to get a conviction on any harm that Casey may have ever done to Caylee. Guess you missed the trial. Turns out in court testimony that Casey was a great mother to Caylee. Sorry for your confusions. 😦 -Jane

    • No Drama Momma says:

      Thanks for the reminder, but I wasn’t suggesting that Casey was found guilty, only that the prosecution argued she had drugged Caylee, not that they had proven it. I only mentioned it because it was the first time I had actually heard of someone drugging their kid. Naive, I know.

      • janelwhite says:

        Prosecution argued Casey drugged Caylee but that was never proven imo because the prosecution failed their total case. As far as the likelihood of that being done, I believe it may have, and I also believe it may be more common a practice than many may realize. Never seen it in practice but I know I would certainly intervene if I ever saw anyone do something like and the perpetrator better hope they recover quickly from their hospital encounter if I witnessed any action like that against a child. -Jane

  2. Anne says:

    Jane, what a strange comment to make! I think the point of this post was to say that we should help these moms, not hurt them. Did you go to the web site No Drama Momma was talking about, with the survey?

    I agree with you, NDM (ok if I abbreviate? ;)). Giving your child unneeded medicine so you can sleep is a symptom of a sick, stressed out society.

    • No Drama Momma says:

      Thanks, Anne! Yes, my point is that drugging a child is a cry for help, and help should be given. Obviously if the situation is harmful enough law enforcement should be involved, but I don’t think that’s the case in most situations (at least, the ones they are referring to in the survey).

  3. Andrea says:

    I actually read the article after someone posted it on facebook and like you it has never even crossed my mind to drug one of my children so I could get peace and quiet. I have three kids and yes my house can be very loud, but I knew what I was getting into when I made the decision to have three of them.

    I agree that if you would take it to those limits that you do need help. It’s not normal and if you think that is ok, then what else do you think is ok to do to your kids (the slippery slope coming into play.)

    • No Drama Momma says:

      The article really makes us stop and think, you know? I hope the dads of these kids realize the mom needs a break.

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