Exploitation vs. Sharing: Where’s the Line?

Here’s a question for you, dear readers: What is the difference between mommy blogger and stage mom? (Stage mom meaning mom who lives vicariously through her child’s fame, not mom of a child involved in theater, acting, etc. or allows her child to pursue whatever interests him.)

Dina Lohan, the most famous stage mom of all. Credit: Darla Khazei Wenn

Some mommy bloggers (I actually hate this term, but I digress…) are anonymous. For some of us, this is necessary (because our boss tells us it is) and for others the privacy is simply preferred. Others have no problem posting pictures of themselves and their families. They share our lives with us, and I enjoy visiting these blogs very much. One example of this is the always lovely and amazing Joanna Goddard at A Cup of Jo. Love her!

And then there’s Grace Damien at Like the Tree, a blog that is made up of pictures of her three-year-old daughter styling various outfits. Apparently her blog is private, but how private is it really? She got a mention in the New York Times, after all. That’s not exactly shunning publicity.

In fact, “Any additional exposure is always good,” Damien told the New York Times.

Gag me with a spoon, as my ever-s0-eloquent preteen self would say.

But what’s the difference between Damien and Goddard? Because there is a difference. Maybe it’s the provocativeness of the pictures. Joanna Goddard’s blog attracts normal readers much like myself, while Damien’s blog attracts style enthusiasts, but also attracts perverts who Google “preteen miniskirt.”

I know this because it happened to me. “Sexy little girl feet” was one of the tamer searches that lead to one of my very popular previous posts (you can probably guess which one). That’s right, bloggers can see how you found their blog. And it’s not always pretty (even though it does prove I was right about the pictures of Thylene attracting the wrong kind of attention).

It turns out not all exposure is good, Ms. Damien.

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2 Responses to Exploitation vs. Sharing: Where’s the Line?

  1. Anne says:

    Excellent question. I wish you weren’t anonymous, I think I would love to know you IRL. I understand though. Anyway, some people do overshare and set their children up for unwanted attention, but I agree with you that simply posting pictures isn’t enough to do that. There is a difference.

    • No Drama Momma says:

      Some of the pictures I see on blogs are absolutely wonderful, and I wish I could do it myself. I’m going to find some that don’t give away who we are (again, my employer says this is necessary, for now anyway). Thanks for the comment!

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