Adventures in Potty Training Part I: Why Alcohol Is in My Future

Miss L is on the brink of an important milestone. Soon she will be out of diapers and into cartoon-covered underwear. I’ve been looking forward to this day forever, but why does it have to be so HARD?!

All the signs are there. She tells us when she needs to go (and then promptly does–in her diaper). She hates, hates, hates having a wet diaper. She can pull her pants up and down (which she does even when she doesn’t have to go potty). She likes to sit on the potty. She likes to watch me sit on the potty and is very curious about the whole process.

But. She just won’t go. I mean, the girl can seriously hold her fluids. It doesn’t matter how many juice boxes I give her, or how many pretzels, she just won’t pee. We spent five hours sitting on the potty every five minutes. Nothing. By that time, it was time for her nap so we put her in a diaper. She promptly peed like a racehorse.

I think that once she pees in the potty for the first time, everything will click (RIGHT?!) and after that it will be easy-peasy. So how the heck do I get her to pee?

Suggestions, please!

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2 Responses to Adventures in Potty Training Part I: Why Alcohol Is in My Future

  1. Every 5 minutes is too often. I don’t know how old your DD is but the ages between 2-3 is the most difficult partly because the diaper is their stimulation to go and they need to be “unlearned” from the diaper. It’s much like a reflex without the diaper she may not know how to release the muscles until she has no choice. I do EC with my daughter, but I’ve conventionally helped train 2 siblings. You could go cold turkey with the diapers. Get rid of the diapers and put her in training pants. Offer periodically (before naps, after naps, after eating) but she may not go unless she is bursting because she knows how to hold it but can’t release. Just wait, no pressure. You will likely have to clean up of course, but just be nonchalant “Oops, pee goes in the potty. ” Then you can see if she’ll sit and try to go some more. Think of it this way (not my idea but I read it and thought it was a fantastic way to look at it) could you pee in your pants right this second without hesitation if I told you to or would you have difficulty because your conditioning is strong?

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