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Miss L Learns a New Word

I am a morning person. By this I mean that I can get up early and function reasonably well and quickly. Therefore, I am a morning person, but an enraged, homicidal morning person. You see, Mr. A is not a … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Parenting Doesn’t Suck

A new article is getting a lot of press. If you haven’t seen it yet, read it here: “Parenting Got You Down? You’re Not Alone.” When it came out last week, suddenly a whole lot of voices chimed in to gratefully … Continue reading

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Censorship: Whose Responsibility Is It, Anyway?

Last night 60 Minutes replayed Anderson Cooper’s interview with Eminem from 2010. The interview is fascinating, so if you haven’t watched it yet, definitely check it out! It’s all over YouTube, so it’s easy to find. At one point Cooper asks … Continue reading

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Running with Knives

Miss L is now at that lovely height where she can reach counter tops. Nothing is too boring for her sticky little fingers. The week’s mail that I haven’t yet read through. The box of Cheerios. The bowl of fruit. … Continue reading

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Vegetable Wars

Miss L is what you might call a picky eater. She loves all kinds of fruit, although she is deeply suspicious of blueberries and won’t let them anywhere near her mouth. She’s a big fan of carbs. She loves eggs, either … Continue reading

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Date Night: It’s Not Just About You

Last Saturday Mr. A and I happily dropped Miss L off with Nana and Papa and spent four hours just with each other–and the other couple hundred people at the Shakespeare Theater that night, but you know what I mean. We … Continue reading

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